About Me

I’m Richard (Richard Moszkowski), and you may know me as the guy who blogs about VectrexWorld.com. I write articles and answer questions about the Vectrex game console over there.

And now, for a little more information on me: I am an electronics engineer by training but have been working in IT for going on 30 years now. My interests include retro computing (especially anything made pre-1990), photography, music composition/production, and writing fiction novels.

I live in North Central Florida with my wife of 25 years and our two sons – one is 20, and another is 12 right now – who are both out of high school already!

Richard Moszkowski

Professional Summary

I’ve been a software developer for almost 30 years now. Most of that time has been spent working on Windows desktop applications and websites in the Microsoft world. About 10 years ago, I transitioned into IT management, where I have worked ever since. I now manage a team responsible for deploying enterprise-level Windows servers and services throughout our company’s global network.

Personal Interests

My interests outside of work include retro computing projects, photography (both still and video), music composition/production, and writing fiction novels. All this interest in technology drove me to start this blog in the first place – it seemed only natural to extend my professional expertise to a hobby project.

Blog Details

My blog is the central place I post articles about anything and everything that can be done with Vectrex consoles. The goals of this site are:

  1. Share my knowledge and help make it easier for people to learn how to use their Vectrex consoles, and;
  2. Provide a single location where all possible technical information about the Vectrex can be found and archived (because there used to be many, many other websites dedicated to the console – but those have long since disappeared).

There’s nothing special at all about how it looks, as its sole purpose is for me to put together/write up information on what I know or discover about these games as time permits.

With that said, my posting frequency is sporadic. I work full-time and have a personal life outside of technology and blogging. I’m always happy to answer questions or help out where I can with Vectrex consoles, though!