Vectrex games are retro Vectrex games. They were released in 1982, and they used a Vectron tube to create the graphics. The Vectrex was initially developed by General Consumer Electric, but it is now discontinued. There are many different Vectrex games that you can play, but the most popular one is probably Mine Storm.

It is a game where you have to avoid the mines and destroy the enemy ships. There are also other classics like Asteroids, Space War, and Berzerk. If you want to try out some Vectrex games, head over to and check them out!

The History and Legacy of Spike Vectrex Games

Spike Vectrex games were some of the most unique and innovative games of the early video game industry. The Vectrex console, created by Western Technologies/Smith Engineering, was one of the first home video game consoles to use vector graphics instead of pixels, creating a distinct visual style that set it apart from other consoles of…

The History and Legacy of Bedlam on Vectrex

If you’re a seasoned Vectrex fan, you’re likely familiar with Bedlam, one of the console’s most popular games. But do you know the full story behind the game’s development, impact on the gaming industry, and continued popularity among retro gaming enthusiasts? Bedlam on Vectrex: An Overview Bedlam, released in 1983, is a top-down shooter game…

Vectrex Star Trek Easter Eggs and Secrets

If you’re a fan of Vectrex Star Trek, you may be interested to know that the game is home to a number of hidden Easter Eggs and Secrets. These hidden features are often added by developers as inside jokes or to reward dedicated players who go the extra mile to uncover them. Hidden Features and…

The Most Rare and Valuable Vectrex Games

The Vectrex console was a unique gaming system that stood out in the 80s for its built-in screen and vector graphics. Today, it’s a beloved piece of gaming history, with enthusiasts and collectors seeking out rare and valuable games to add to their collections. Rarity Scale The rarity scale is a system used to measure…

Bloxorz - Toss on the Vectrex

Bloxorz – Toss on the Vectrex

The recent porting of the popular puzzle game Bloxorz to the Vectrex by Frank Buss, as part of the Retro Challenge, has been generating quite a buzz. The game, originally developed by Damien Clarke in 2007 as a Flash application, is a challenging yet engaging puzzle game where the player must roll a rectangular block…

All You Need to Know about Spike from Vectrex

All You Need to Know about Spike from Vectrex

This Vectrex game is a lot of fun. The main character, Spike, has some extraordinary abilities that let you explore the world in search of treasure while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Vectrex Spike can shoot fireballs to destroy enemies or break rocks blocking your way. Vectrex Spike also can dig holes in the ground, which…

vectrex review starhawk

Review of Starhawk for the Vectrex

This game is a fun Vectrex game that was developed in 1983. The Vectrex console had limited graphics capabilities, so the developers of Starhawk created an exciting game with different types of gameplay. You start out on planet Vectron, and you must retrieve vectors by flying over them while avoiding asteroids, vectors, and other obstacles….

The Best Video Games for Your Vectrex

The Best Video Games for Your Vectrex

What are the best Vectrex games? There is a wide variety of what you can play when it comes to video games. There are many different genres and types of games. Some people have favorites that they always go back to or keep coming back for more from time to time. For those with a…

The Comprehensive List of Vectrex Games Past, Present & Future

The Comprehensive List of Vectrex Games Past, Present & Future

      If you have something to ask, add or fix, please contact me. Read theVectrex FAQ M Modern release (coded after 1995), some not on cartridge. O An original release from the 1980s, some very rare. P A prototype or a binary exists. PM A prototype or a binary exists.Has had a modern…

Star Castle for Vectrex (1983)

Star Castle for Vectrex (1983)

The Vectrex is a home video game console released in November 1982 by General Consumer Electronics (GCE). It was marketed as the first home console to use vector graphics. The star castle video game for Vectrex, Star Castle, is an arcade-style game where you control a starship at the bottom of the screen while deflecting…