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The Comprehensive List of Vectrex Games Past, Present & Future

  • By: Richard Moszkowski
  • Date: January 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 7 min.

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Vectrex FAQ

M Modern release (coded after 1995), some not on cartridge.
O An original release from the 1980s, some very rare.
P A prototype or a binary exists.
PM A prototype or a binary exists.Has had a modern release (after 1995).
R Only rumors or vague mentions of the title exist.
W Work in Progress (click on game’s name for more info)
SOFTWARE ITEMS [jump to hardware]
Code Name Year Programmer
M “Minestorm III” (hack) 2001 Fred Taft
23 Matches 1996 John Dondzila
W 3D Hellhole Not yet – 2007? George Pelonis
M Abyss Demo 1999 John Dondzila
R Air Combat  Not known. John Hall?
M All Good Things 1996 John Dondzila
R Android Computer Graphics 1982 Mark Indictor
O Animaction (needs light pen) 1983 ?
O Armor…Attack 1982 Duncan Muirhead
O Art Master (needs light pen) 1983 Richard Moszkowski
R Art Master II (needs light pen) Not known. ?
R Art Master III (needs light pen) Not known. ?
R Art Master IV (needs light pen) Not known. ?
R Art Program in Logo Not known. ?
W Art War (supports VecVox) Not yet Alex Nicholson
R Basic Animation (needs computer module) Not known. ?
R Basic Science (needs computer module) Not known. ?
R Batter Up Action Baseball aka Pitcher’s Duel Not known. ?
Becky’s Message 2004 Dan
O Bedlam 1982 William Hawkins & Lenny Carlson
O Berzerk 1982 Chris King
W Berzerk Arena (supports VecLink) Not yet Alex Herbert
PM Berzerk Debugged   Not known. ?
Birds of Prey   1999 John Dondzila
O Blitz 1982 ?
W Boulder Escape Terror Hazard (supports VecVoice) Never Manu Parssinen
Breakout 1996 John Dondzila
R Chomp Not known. ?
O Clean Sweep 1982 Richard Moszkowski
Color Clash Limited Edition 2006 Revival Studios
O Cosmic Chasm 1982 Bill Hawkins
O Crazy Coaster 3D (needs 3D imager) 1983 Bill Hawkins
R Create-A-Game/Maze (needs computer module) Not known. ?
PM Cube Quest  Not known / 2002 Paul Newell / Simutrek
PM Dark Tower 1983 John Hall
Debris Exclusive Edition 2006 Revival Studios
Debris Limited Edition 2005 Revival Studios
R Demo 3D (needs 3D imager) Not known. ?
M Disc Duel Demo 1999 John Dondzila
PM Engine Analyzer (needs light pen) 1983 ?
R Exec ROM Version B Not known. Gerry Karr?
R Exec ROM Version C Not known. Gerry Karr?
R Exec ROM Version D Not known. Gerry Karr?
R Expander + BASIC (needs computer module) Not known. ?
R Exploring the Solar System (needs computer module) Not known. ?
O Flipper Pinball aka Spinball aka Flip-Out pinball 1983 Mark Indictor
O Fortress of Narzod 1982 John Hall
R Gold Not known. ?
Gravitrex 2002 John Dondzila
R Hangman Not known. ?
O Heads-Up Action Soccer aka Soccer Football aka Sock It  1983 ?
O Hyper Chase 1982 Chris King
I, Cyborg 2004 George Pelonis
I, Cyborg Edition X 2004 George Pelonis
I, Cyborg Omega Edition 2004 George Pelonis
R Imagine Not known. ?
Koko’s Retribution 2004 Dan
R Laser Ball Not known. ?
LOGO 2006 Alex Nicholson
Mad Planetoids Demo  2001 John Dondzila
P Mail Plane (needs light pen) 1983 Mark Indictor
O Melody Master (needs light pen) 1983 Ronald J. Logsdon
O Minestorm 1982 John Hall
O Minestorm 3D (needs 3D imager) 1983 Bill Hawkins
O Minestorm II 1983 John Hall
O Minestorm version 2 1983 John Hall?
W Missile Lords   Not yet Christopher Tumber
Moon Lander   2000 Clay Cowgill & Chris Salomon
More Invaders!  1996 John Dondzila
O Mr.Boston Clean Sweep 1982 ?
R Music Maestro (needs computer module) Not known. ?
M Narrow Escape 2D (hack) Not known. Fred Taft
O Narrow Escape 3D (needs 3D imager) 1983 Richard Moszkowski
Nebula Commander 2005 Craig Aker
R Newport Cigarettes Promo Cartridge 1983 Bill Hawkins
W Nonagalf Not yet Manu Parssinen
Omega Chase 2000 Christopher Tumber
Omega Chase Deluxe 2000 Christopher Tumber
Omega Chase Deluxe Trained 2000 Christopher Tumber
Paratroopers 2002 John Dondzila
Patriots III 2002 John Dondzila
Patriots Remix 1999 John Dondzila
Patriots  1996 John Dondzila
Paul Slocum Vectrex Art 2006 Paul Slocum?
O Polar Rescue 1983 Mark Indictor
PM Polar Rescue Prototype 1983 Mark Indictor
O Pole Position 1983 (Namco LTD 1982) ?
P Pole Position 3D (needs 3D imager) 1983 ?
W Pop Not yet Christopher Tumber
R Power Trip Not known. ?
Protector 2003 Alex Herbert
Protector Limited Edition 2003 Alex Herbert
Pythagoran Theorem (supports VecVoice) 2003 Rob Mitchell
R QAC, Quality Assurance Cartridge Not known. ?
Repulse   1999 John Dondzila
Revector 2005 Craig Aker
R Ring of Fire Not known. ?
O Rip Off 1982 Bill Hawkins
W Robotron Clone Not yet Mark Robson
Rockaroids   1996 John Dondzila
Rockaroids Remix 3rd Rock 1999 John Dondzila
Rockaroids Remix  1996 John Dondzila
Ronen’s Game Cart  2000 Ronen Habot
W Rounders (supports Atari driving controller) Not yet Ronen Habot
O Scramble 1982 Paul Newell
P Sledge 3D (demo, needs 3D imager) 1983 ?
R Snowball 1983 ?
O Solar Quest 1982 ?
Space Frenzy (supports VecVoice) 2006 John Dondzila
O Space Wars 1982 ?
O Spike 1983 ?
W Spike Circus Not yet – July 2006? Alex Nicholson
Spike Goes Down 2003 Alex Herbert
W Spike Goes Skiing Not yet Raven’s Retro Nest
Spike Hoppin’   1998 John Dondzila
W Spike’s Slam Pit Not yet B.Mastrobuono
Spike’s Spree 2002 Mark De Smet
Spike’s Water Balloons 1996 John Dondzila
Spike’s Water Balloons Analog 2000 John Dondzila
Spinnerama (needs Atari driving controller) 2002 Chris Tumber
W Spudster’s Revenge Not yet B.Mastrobuono
O Star Castle 1983 Bill Hawkins
Star Fire Level 1 Demo 2001 John Dondzila
Star Fire Level 2 Demo 2001 John Dondzila
Star Fire Spirits 1999 John Dondzila
W Star Fury 2D Not yet George Pelonis
W Star Fury 3D Not yet George Pelonis
Star Fury 3D Visual Demo 2006 George Pelonis
Star Fury Demo 2001 John Dondzila
O Star Hawk 1982 ?
O Star Ship aka Star Trek 1982 Mark Indictor
Star Sling Freeware Edition 2006 Alex Nicholson
Star Sling Premium Limited Edition 2006 Alex Nicholson
Star Sling Turbo Edition 2006 Alex Nicholson
PM Star Trek Debugged  Not known. ?
P Stress Tester 1984 Roy Abel & Associates Inc.
W Super Spike World 2006 John Dondzila
PM Test Cartridge revision 4 1982 ?
R The Sound Studio (needs the computer module) Not known. ?
Thrust 2004 Ville Krumlinde
PM Tour De France 1983 Mark Indictor
Trakkers 2001 John Dondzila
Tsunami 2002 Christopher Tumber
M Tsunami Trained 2002 Christopher Tumber
W Unknown puzzle game? Not yet Alex Nicholson
W Unknown Spike card game? Not yet Alex Nicholson
W Untitled (Astro) 2004 Dan
W UTG (supports a link cable) Not yet Christopher Tumber
Vaboom 2000 Ronen Habot
War of the Robots 2003 George Pelonis
War of the Robots Bow to the Queen Edition 2006? George Pelonis
War of the Robots CGE2K3 Edition 2003 George Pelonis
War of the Robots Omega Edition 2003 George Pelonis
War of the Robots the Freeware Edition Not yet George Pelonis
O Web Warp aka Web Wars 1983 Hawkins, Muirhead, Patrick King
W VeCathlon Never Manu Pärssinen
VeCaves 2002 Mark De Smet
Vecmania 1999 John Dondzila
VecSports Boxing 2002 Manu Parssinen
VecSports Boxing LE 2002 Manu Parssinen
W VecSports Kingpin Never Manu Parssinen
Vectopia 2001 John Dondzila
Vector 21 2006 George Pelonis
Vector 21 A Fistful of Wildcards! 2006 George Pelonis
Vector 21 Omega Edition 2006 George Pelonis
W Vector Patrol Not yet Kristof Tuts
W Vector Pilot Not yet Kristof Tuts
Vector Vaders 1996 John Dondzila
Vector Vaders Remix 1999 John Dondzila
W Vectorion Not yet Kristof Tuts
Vectrace 2000 Ronen Habot
Vectrepede 1998 John Dondzila
W Vectrexians Not yet Kristof Tuts
Vectris 1996 John Dondzila
Vectropolis 500 Demo 2001 John Dondzila
W Vectruss Not yet Kristof Tuts
W Venture Not yet Matt Kiehl
Verzerk (supports the VecVoice) 2002 Alex Herbert
V-Frogger 1998 Chris Salomon
VIX Trained 2002 Christopher Tumber
VIX  2002 Christopher Tumber
R Word Processing Not known. ?
Wormhole 2001 John Dondzila
W V-Pang Not yet Alex Nicholson
VPong 1998 Chris Salomon
Xudoku 2006 Revival Studios
W Xylo Not yet Alex Herbert
W Y.A.S.I. (supports the VecVoice) 2003 Alex Herbert
W Yoehl – Saga of Pathrk Never Manu Pärssinen
Zap 2000 Christopher Tumber
W Ztagger Never Manu Pärssinen
A total of 191 titles listed.

There’s also numerous little binaries of demos, test code and programming samples from the 1980s and especially newer, which I chose not to list here.


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Product Manufacturer
O 3D Imager GCE
O Arcade Vectrex (not Minicade) Unknown
O Carrying bag GCE, MB, Bandai
O Cartridge Tester Unit GCE
O Clear case Light Pen GCE
P Color Vectrex (color phosphor prototype) WT / Smith Engineering
P Computer Module GCE
O Display Stand (original) GCE
O Display Stand (the “bubble” one) Intertoys?
O Dust cover GCE
R Front Case / Bezel (colored) GCE
O Horoscope Unit Unknown
O Kousokusen (Japanese Vectrex) Bandai
O Light Pen GCE
O Minicade (there’s more than 2 though) ESI

PSX/PS2 controller to Vectrex adapter

Clay Cowgill

Replacement Vectrex controllers

various Vectrex fanatics

Reproduction Carrying Bag


Reproduction Light Pens (VLP & MVLP)

B.Walach & R.Mitchell
O Spectrum I+ Stress / Luscher Color Test RA+A Inc. 1984
R Touch Sensitive Screen GCE

Various multicarts various Vectrex fanatics
VecRAM Richard Hutchinson
Vectorcade Brett Walach
O Vectrex GCE, MB
Vectrex T-shirt (metallic high quality printing) Anthony Chapman
VecVoice Richard Hutchinson

Vectrex Games Compilation – 37 Games in 20 Minutes

Vectrex games can be purchased on cartridge or as a tape. The cassette tapes are the same size as audio cassettes and have their own unique look, with black case instead of plastic shell, but they play in standard VHS players.

While most cartridges are multi-game packages that contain eight to ten titles each, there were also several one game releases which came packed in clear cases so you could see the colorful label art without having to open them up first!

All past Vectrex games now available for purchase will play on any NTSC console manufactured after 1982 (when this was introduced). If your console is an earlier version it may still work if you upgrade its power supply with either a new AC adapter or battery pack – both of which can be found on eBay.

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